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I can’t help it if I’m confident
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Sara Lance was always going to die, but the heroine who had fought to protect women and who traded her freedom for the lives of strangers deserved better than falling broken and beaten into the trash.


I’ve been reading this POV a lot on my dashboard, and there is so much truth in it.  It raised so much anger within us fans who loved Sara Lance.  

That anger though, is exactly what the writers are going for.  It’s exactly why they killed her the way they did.  The anger we feel towards the injustice of her death is nothing compared to the anger the team, Laurel and Detective Lance will feel towards her death. 

She is a heroine.  No one saw that more than Laurel Lance, than her own father, than Oliver Queen and even Team Arrow.  The tears we cried last week, the grief, the heartbreak…every character affected by Sara Lance will be feeling that intense pain.  

She did deserve better.  But someone stole that from her.  Sara Lance represents all the heroes of this world whom we will never know the name of.  The heroes in our reality who deserves to be celebrated by the world but instead die a nameless death.  

Some people have claimed this as bad writing, I have to disagree.  The problem was that it was too real.  It hit home a bit too much.  If the writers’ only goal was to make way for Laurel to be the BC, they still could have killed her off with a huge fanfare and made it an epic death.  But they didn’t.  Because it wasn’t just about that.  

It was a reminder of the world we live in and a tribute to the thousands of heroes who died before their time whose names we will never know.  We should feel the same anger, the same injustice towards them as we felt towards Sara Lance’s death.  

However, and I speak for myself here, death has become such a huge part of my daily life.  I’ve become numb to it.  When I turn on the news, I expect death.  I expect a story of how someone’s life was cut short.  And I don’t react.   But I should.  I should, even for a moment, stop and react.  Feel anger, feel sadness.  I should, at the very least, cry one tear for them.   Because they also, deserved better than what they got.  They also, had stories to tell the world.  Just like Sara Lance did.    

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This is beautiful. And sad. And beautiful

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This has made me cry. Again. 

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He just accepts it right away.

this makes me so happy and idk why
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Some people say homosexuality is a sin. It’s not. God is perfectly cool with it, God feels the exact same way about homosexuality that God feels about heterosexuality. Now you might say, ‘Whoa, slow down. You move too fast. How could you have the audacity, the temerity, to speak on behalf of God?’ Exactly, that’s an excellent point and I pray that you remember it.
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